Rosedale Swing Set

Rosedale Swingset
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Product Features

The Rosedale is an eye-catching swing set perfect for those with a larger back yard. It’s wide range of features and beautifully bright detailing makes it one of the biggest and brightest sets we sell. The lower playhouse is partially enclosed with a café style opening to the front. There are also two café stools and a sun canopy to give it a real café like feel.

To reach the play deck (which stands 59in from the ground), the kids can use either the ladder at the rear of the frame or the solid rock wall at the front. The solid rock wall has fun multicolored climbing rocks as well as a few waves for added excitement. It leads to an open balcony, from which your little adventurers will have a spectacular view of their back yard. The upper playhouse, which measures 87in by 44in, is completely enclosed with three windows along the back and three along the front. It’s the little touches, like the cute, fully functional flower box, that make this set truly special. 
The Rosedale features a fabulous yellow, tubular, spiral slide that ensures your children land safely on their feet every time. The 3-position swing beam means there is plenty of room for two belt swings and a glider. 
The Rosedale is manufactured from cedar wood and pre-stained to blend in beautifully with the colors of your yard. The wood arrives pre-cut and pre-drilled so you are ready to assemble straight away. An illustrated owner’s manual is included with all sets and you will just need basic DIY tools. 
This swing set is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (ASTM) for private use only – this set is not suitable for public use.
The Rosedale includes the following product features; 

1.5m (5ft) High Deck

The 1.52m (5ft) play deck height refers to the distance from the ground to the floor of the deck. Therefore the higher the deck height the further from the ground the deck is, the longer the rockwall  to get up, and the slide to ride down.  

Which deck height is most suitable for my children?

The higher the height of the deck the more challenging and adventurous the climbing frame becomes. The climb up to the deck is higher and the slide down is longer. The higher deck means that as your children grow they will still be able to get enjoyment from their frame even as they get much older. 

One great benefit of purchasing a climbing frame with a 1.5m (5ft) deck height is that the deck size also increases as the deck gets higher. This means the playsets are able to cater to several siblings, and their friends without any problem at all, and as the older ones can still play on it they are kept busy and active too.

Tube Slide

Climbing Frames UK have the best selection of slides available, and nothing comes better than our exclusive enclosed tube slide. This is the crème de la crème of slides, measuring 12ft (3.65m) long this amazing slide takes up minimalspace in your garden but offers an amazing ride for your children! It spirals once in the middle and is flat at the bottom so children end with their feet (and not their bottoms!) on the ground. 


2-Child Glider

The glider swing allows two children to ride back-to-back and is compatible with all of our Selwood Products playsets. Brilliant news for those with a smaller garden but with more than two children! Naturally, it can also be used by just one child too! Made of yellow and green plastic, the glider complements your climbing frame wonderfully enabling multiple children to play together, and to offer a safe and secure swing to use before children can swing on their own normal swing seat. 



Swings have been around forever and everyone remembers enjoying swings from their childhood, whether it be playing at the park, or a tyre or rope in the tree at home, we all seem to have fond memories. Playing with siblings and friends, swinging accross ditches or spinning round-and-rouond.
When sat on, our flexible belt swing seats grip the hips and provide a comfortable and supportive seat for your child as they swing. They are also designed to clip on and clip off should you wish to swap them with either a baby bucket bucket or a trapeze.


Ladders provide a safe and easy entry into a climbing frame utilising easy grip rungs or flat steps to allow children to safely get up onto the playset deck to access the additional features such as cabin windows, chalk wall, or slide entrance. Step ladders also enable safe exit from a treehouse fort.

Solid Rockwall


Wooden Roof

Climbing frames with fully wooden roofs look amazing in your garden and provide your with a strong sturdy playset that will protect them from sunshine or rain.

Our playsets come with either a vinyl tarp roof, or a fully wooden roof.  

Sandpit Area

Climbing Frames UK have a huge range of playsets and wooden climbing frames with a sand pit area below the fort deck. Simply add a weed suppressant membrane and some bags of play sand and you'll have a fantastic sandbox for your children to play in.

Picnic Table

Picnic tables are great to include with a playset because they provide the opportunity to relax in addition to play.  It's great to be able to stop for lunch without having to try and drag the kids into the house, and can provide opportunity to sit and talk, colour, paint and play cames with siblings or friends. 


Wooden outdoor toys offer maximum 

Large Gardens

Those lucky things with large gardens will be able to make the most of our super-duper larger climbing frames. Although all our playsets have a wonderful range of play features, it makes sense that the bigger playsets can accommodate more features such as the monkey bars. Large gardens are also able to make the most of our wide variety of accessories and additional extras like picnic tables, wooden playhouses or sand tables. 


Rosedale Swingset Rosedale Swingset

Selwood Products

Layout Dimensions

Width Depth Height Weight
Metric 0.00cm 0.00cm 0.00cm 0.00
Imperial 0' 0'' 0' 0'' 0' 0'' 0.00 lbs

Packaging Dimensions

Switch to Metric Measurements Switch to Imperial Measurements
Box No. Box Name Part No Ean No Length Width Height Weight Cubed
2 Rosedale Box 2 B23116 875257033916 201.90cm 38.10cm 25.40cm 58.96 0.19 6' 7'' 1' 3'' 0' 10'' 129.98 lbs 0' 7''
4 Rosedale Box 4 B23118 875257033930 78.70cm 76.20cm 50.80cm 22.67 0.31 2' 6'' 2' 6'' 1' 8'' 49.98 lbs 1' 0''
1 Rosedale Box 1 B23115 875257031158 200.70cm 61.00cm 22.90cm 58.96 0.28 6' 7'' 2' 0'' 0' 9'' 129.98 lbs 0' 11''
3 Rosedale Box 3 B23117 875257033923 245.10cm 38.10cm 25.40cm 68.04 0.23 8' 0'' 1' 3'' 0' 10'' 150.00 lbs 0' 9''
Total: 208.63 1.01
459.95 lbs 3' 3''
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Rosedale Swing Set
Ryan on 22/03/2012

4 out of 5 Stars!

4 out of 5 Stars!
Great product for the money. Make sure you seperate and lable the parts before assembly. It takes about 4 hours to sort and label all the pieces and is an absolute must. Nothing is labeled. There are about 20 different sized bolts and nuts and twice as many boards and none of them are lableled. Once the pieces were sorted and lableled, it took 2 people 14 hours to assemble it. Once assembled it was very sturdy. The 2 year old absolutely loves it.

Rosedale Swing Set
Michelle Bowman on 25/03/2012

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!
This is an awesome swing set which my 2 year old daughter absolutely loves! My husband put it together all by himself and it took him about two days. The spirally design of the slide really makes this set look cool and different. The only issue we encountered was that the green shade (or sun visor) part that comes with it was too small to fit in the designated space above the two yellow stools. Besides from this issue everything else was perfect.

Rosedale Swing Set
Hazel P on 27/03/2012

5 out of 5 Stars!

5 out of 5 Stars!
This product was WAY easier to put together than my computer desk. took my husband and i about 14 hours between 2 days to put together with having to stop in the middle go take the kids here and there. We also squeezed in some lunch breaks. label all the wood parts before you start makes it easier. but that was easy. i took out a part he looked for the matching picture and we put sticky notes on everything. i wish there was another swing attachment. we still need a toddler swing for my youngest daughter and 2 "big girl" swings for my older daughter and our neighbors child. We will probably going to keep the glider off and just attach a swing there. my kids love it and seems to be a good product.

Rosedale Swing Set
Abby Mackay on 30/03/2012

4 out of 5 Stars!

4 out of 5 Stars!
Good swingset - The swing set itself is great for my 4 year old and 1 year old kids. We attached a toddler swing and she loves it. My daughter loves the cute little playhouse at the bottom. She has her dolls and toys in there and a shopping basket with groceries in it. Stick to what everyone has said about labeling everything and sorting it ahead of time. This saved quite a bit of time when it came to assembly.

Rosedale Swing Set
Haylee on 01/04/2012

4 out of 5 Stars!

4 out of 5 Stars!
My 2 year old Loves it!!! The initial shock of all the parts was a bit much (there are loads), but the instructions were easy to follow and quite simple to assemble (if you had the right power tools, organization skills and patience) It took my husband and his friend about 10 hours to complete it. Definitely a 2 person job. It looks amazing. Thankfully all the necessary pieces were in the box. The flower pot is just too cute. My daughter is too small to swing on the swings provided, and I was easily able to put the swing we already had on and hang it (a toddler swing) from the hooks, and it worked perfect.

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